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10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Health-Conscious Mom

Mother’s Day is almost upon us! While it may seem overwhelming to pick the perfect gift for a woman who’s been there every step of the way, we see this holiday as a fun opportunity to return all the love and care that your supermom deserves. Whether you’re a kiddo eager to impress, a Dad on the hunt for some great ideas, or a mama yourself (hoping to send some hints to the fam), look no further! Here are our gift ideas to treat Mom to this mother’s day.  
#1 A Cookbook
Healthy Cookbook Whether Mom’s a five-star chef or a big fan of take-out, we love gifting cookbooks full of nutritious recipes! Right now, we’re really digging The Wicked Healthy Cookbook – completely plant-based and packed to the seams with delectable dinners and dishes! Grab it here
#2 A Produce Box
Healthy Fruit Snacks Fresh herbs. Ripe fruit. Crunchy vegetables. Is there ANYTHING better than a box full of nature’s goodness? We love gifting a bountiful produce box. They’re customizable and so appreciated by our busy mama friends! We’re big fans of Farm Box Direct, because their app makes it easy to order and personalize each box! Take a look.
#3 Shadow Boxes
Crafts for Kids There’s nothing quite like crafts from our kids. We can speak from experience! There’s something so touching about receiving a handmade gift that took careful thought and time. Shadow boxes are a great way to frame memories for Mom to reflect on for years to come. Kids, you might need an adult’s help with this. Take a look at these easy-to-follow instructions to make a gift that will never be forgotten.  
#4 Helping in the Garden
Fruit Snacks Sometimes, all Mom really wants is a helping hand. Whether around the house, or in the garden, there’s nothing greater than receiving some assistance from the little ones, and turning chores into a good time for the whole family. Our tot loves to help her Mama water the plants and flowers, and believe me when I say it is MUCH appreciated!
#5 Breakfast in Bed
Fruit Snacks Our daughter is a chef! Well, at least that’s what we tell her ;) Some of my favorite Mother’s Days have been spent in bed with my family! When I see that little head peak around the corner, followed by her Dad holding a breakfast spread made with love, it really makes me feel appreciated! Take a look at these simple but tasty plant-based dishes by MinimalistBaker and OneGreenPlanet that your tots can make with some adult supervision.  
#6 Fresh Flowers
Flowers for Mom Bring some brightness to Mom this year! A fresh bouquet of flowers is just what I love to get me in a Spring-y mood! We always make sure to source these ethically – so our favorites are fair trade, and socially responsible. Even if you don’t know Ma’s favorite flower, you can use her favorite color for inspiration and go from there! Peek at this list of fair-trade flower shops  
#7 A New Water Bottle
Snack Give the gift of hydration! That might sound humorous, but women often struggle with dehydration, especially breastfeeding moms! A nice new water bottle can be just the reminder she needs to keep her H20 in constant flow. We love Swell and Hydroflask, but anything that’s BPA-free is ideal!  
#8 Mommy / Child Yoga Classes
Mom and Child Yoga When you’re an active parent, it can be hard to find ample time to work out, especially when it means precious time away from the kids. The solution? Some mom and tot yoga classes from a local studio! Not only will this help encourage healthy habits from a young age, but it’ll give mama some time to decompress after a busy day.  
#9 Wildmade Snacks
Wildmade Snacks Quality time. Words of affirmation. Physical touch. Whatever your love language may be, there’s nothing quite like receiving a gift that makes your day-to-day a little more breezy. Of course, I maybe be biased, but the peace of mind I get from knowing I have some nutritious and tasty snacks that the kid’s love on hand – well it’s priceless! That’s not to say that mamas can’t enjoy these snacks for themselves too. I’m not ashamed to admit that I snack just as often as our tot does! Shop our Bites, Strips and Rolls here.
#10  Fruit Soft-Serve Maker
Yonanas Frozen Dessert All the flavor, none of the added sugar or preservatives. If you’re a lover of fresh, whole fruit like we are, you’ll go bananas for the Yonanas soft-serve machine! We love using this for the kids as well. Top your creations with some Veggie Go’s Bites and you’ve got a healthy and decadent ice-cream treat! Grab one for mom here.