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Blueberry Granola Bars

No Bake Blueberry Granola Bars

It's summer and it's HOT!  The last thing any of us want to do is turn on the oven.  No Bake Granola Bars to the rescue!  Chewy goodness of granola bars that you love, minus the sweat.  It's as easy as blend, spread and share.  Go ahead, give it a try. 1/3 C Applesauce 1/3 C Almond Butter 3/4 C Dates 1/2 C Oat Flour 1/3 C Pumpkin Seeds 1/2 C Dried Blueberries 2 1/2 C Rolled Oats Add applesauce, almond butter and dates to blender and blend until smooth. Add blended mixture to a large mixing bowl.  Combine oat flour, pumpkin seeds, dried blueberries, and rolled oats to the blended mixture.  Stir until all the ingredients are evenly distributed. Line a baking pan with parchment paper and press mixture into pan. Let set in refrigerator.  Cut into bars and enjoy!