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Dates Make a Nutritious Sweet Treat

Jar of medjool dates   Sometimes you just really need something sweet - the challenge is finding something that isn't a nutritional flop. That's why I have always loved Madjool dates. They are way underrated as a quick snack to pop in your bag, they're shelf stable and great finger food, which fits into my on-the-go life well. They are also packed with nutrition that you wouldn't expect from such a sweet and indulgent tasting food! Check out these stats for 100g of sweet snacking goodness (via the USDA):
  • Potassium - 656 mg, 14% of RDV
  • Magnesium - 43 mg, 12% of RDV
  • Fiber - 8g, 26% of RDV
  • Vitamin B-6 - 0.165 mg, 13% of RDV
Those are some pretty impressive numbers! But regardless of all the facts, there's one important reason that dates are my favorite. They taste GREAT! They're perfect for kids and adults (just watch out for the pit). I keep an "emergency snack stash" in my bag that is made up of easy, nonperishable finger foods like Veggie-Go's and dates, so that I always have something to keep me from losing energy and get me through even the toughest of days. What snacks do you rely on and keep in your stash?