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Figs are High in Calcium

figs on a dark wood background. tinting. selective focus on the middle figs slice   Figs are somewhat of a rare find because they're only available a few months of the year, and they're so delicate that they don't often travel far from where they were grown! But if you're lucky enough to enjoy figs this year, (usually from June to September), I wanted to share with you a fun nutritional fact: Figs are a great source of calcium - a cup has 6% of your recommended daily value. People don't often associate fruit with calcium, and most fruits aren't a particularly high source, but that doesn't stop figs. As you probably know, calcium is vital for growing children to assist in healthy bone development. Instead of relying heavily on dairy products, which is what we typically think of as a calcium source but which can be a cause of many digestive, environmental, and ethical problems, you can throw some figs into your family's diets! Dried figs are available year-round, and make great additions to baking, trail mixes, and plain snacks!