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After School Snacks

Healthy After School Snacks for Kids

  If you’re a parent, you know what happens when your kids come bounding through the door after a long day at school: it’s snack time! Our friends tell us how, like clockwork, their kids return every afternoon absolutely ravenous. So excited to eat, you’d think they didn’t even send them to school with a lunch! Even with our own daughter, John and I laugh about how much food such tiny beings are able to scarf down in a sitting. We’ve always been a health-focused family, so it has been EXTRA important for us to seek out healthy after school snack recipes that we can have at our disposal. Finding an after-school snack that is filling AND all your kids enjoy? No easy fete. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite healthy after school snacks below. Happy bellies for kids, happy mom - it’s a win win!  
No Bake Blueberry Granola Bars

A nutritious take on an old classic, these bars offer chewy goodness that kids love, minus added sugars. Check them out here.

Cranberry Orange Chocolate Muffins

Orange you glad to see these beauties make the cut? Allergy-friendly muffins are the perfect after-school snack to grab before extracurriculars and more. Find the full recipe here.

Apricot Sunflower Balls

If you’ve ever tried our Apricot Sunflower Balls, you’ll know it’s hard to believe that they’re both gluten-free and super-duper nutritious! These nut-free treats are great to make with your little ones – kids love helping you roll them out by hand (move over, Play Doh!) Find the full recipe here.
Vegan Fruit Dip

Looking for some next-level deliciousness that’s just as beloved by kids as it is adults? Kick your fruit tray up a notch with this vegan fruit dip. Made with cashews and yogurt, it will make your hungry ones yell “dip, dip, HURRAY!”  Snag the recipe!
Veggie Go’s

    And of course, nothing says healthy after-school snacks quite like Veggie Go’s. Whether your child is crazy for our Fruit Strips, or loco for Ends + Bits, you really can’t go wrong. Each wholesome snack is packed full of fruits and vegetables and no extra sweeteners – that’s it! Shop our entire lineup here.

Looking for more healthy snack ideas?  Check out Jessica Migala's list of other easy kid and mom approved snacks over on