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Healthy Travel Tips

It's that time of year! Lots of traveling and lots of food!

Here are some of my tips for feeling well while traveling and keeping kiddos healthy and happy.


It is so important to stay hydrated especially before and during airplane or car ride travel. This helps to ensure that you feel energized upon your arrival. I like to drink over 100 oz of water and fresh made juice the day before travel and try to keep this up during the travel day as well. We often tend to not want to drink fluids in fear of having to use the restroom too often. But, do yourself a favor and pound in those liquids. Your body and brain will thank you!



Whole plant food nourish every cell in your body helping to keep your energy and mood stable. We tend to be in a rush while preparing for travel and also while traveling which can lead us to make poor decisions when it comes to pre-travel and travel meals/snacks. Help your body feel it's best by minimizing your intake of overly processed foods which contain lots of added sugar and sodium. By having your kids follow these guidelines as well will help to keep their immune system functioning at its best.  AND it will also help to avoid the sugar highs This will keep everyone more calm and happy during those long travel days! I tend to stick to homemade meals the day before travel so I can control the ingredients going into our food.  I also like to prep TONS of raw fruit and veg for the day of travel. Carrot, cucumber, and celery sticks are so easy to travel with. And one of my favorite travel fruits is grapes! They are so easy to just wash, throw into a carry on and enjoy with your little one for a mess-free snack! I bite them into pieces once on the plane for our little girl :-).



I like to try to plan ahead so that I am not rushing around trying to pack and clean last minute once our babe goes down for the night. I try to use this time to wind down and make sure I get to bed at a reasonable time so that I can get enough sleep and be the best for my family on the travel day!

I hope these few tips help you to have more relaxed and healthful travels! Hydration, consuming real foods, and getting ample sleep will also help you to maintain a stable mindset for healthy eating this holiday season!