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How to Save Time and Eat Well

This time of year, there’s always so much going on! Kids heading back to school, sports leagues starting, maybe even one last vacation during all the madness. I think it’s the perfect time to share one of my favorite time-saving tips with all you busy people! You may have started to catch on that we eat A LOT of fruits and vegetables in our house (if the creation of Veggie-Go’s wasn’t enough of a clue, read my other posts about incorporating fruits and veggies into all kinds of recipes). The one thing about eating fresh like that is that it tends to take a good chunk of time to prepare things – washing greens, peeling veggies, chopping fruit. I know this is a huge reason why most people opt for easy solutions like Veggie-Go’s! But, despite my strong conviction that everyone should eat Veggie-Go’s for every meal (just kidding) I also know of a terrific way to have fresh fruits and veggies easy and ready to go, whenever you need them!

Do it all at once!

I spend twenty or thirty minutes after I get a big bunch of produce (either from the supermarket, farmers market, or our own garden!) and get it all ready at once. This works for two big reasons:
  • It takes a few minutes now, sure, but will encourage healthy cooking and eating later on because it’s so much easier. I won’t have to make time in the morning to get veggies ready for lunches, or spend time when I get home at night to dice onions up for dinner!
  • It makes me think of uses for things ahead of time. For example, should I cut up these carrots into sticks for snacks? Medallions for soup? How ‘bout a little of both – and now I know what I’m cooking one night too! It’s so much easier to get through the week (and the produce before it goes bad) when you already have a plan.
Of course, we all know some produce fairs better untouched, so what are some of the preparations that are good to do in advance?
  • Rinsing and chopping greens
  • Peeling and chopping melons
  • Peeling and chopping onions and squash
  • Slicing and dicing snack fruits and veggies
  • Washing root veggies and tubors like beets and potatoes
  • Washing apples, grapes, celery, peppers and similarly skinned produce
  • Slicing citrus for snacks or to put in infused water
  • Cutting tomatoes
  • Washing and trimming asparagus
  • Chopping green beans or snap peas
And what should you avoid doing in advance to keep things fresh and appetizing?
  • Peeling and cutting apples or potatoes
  • Washing berries (unless you have a really good container to keep them in that lets them drain but doesn’t dry them out)
  • Doing anything at all to bananas or avocados (they’re very fragile beings)
  What are your time-saving tips for eating fresh, healthy produce even when your life is crazy?