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Introducing: Wildmade

    Hey Wild Ones! We’re thrilled to announce some exciting changes to our brand! *Drum roll* In 2011, John and I created Veggie Go's to give parents a deliciously-healthful snacking option. The name reflected a beautiful blend of the ingredients we use – real fruits and veggies – and the way in which busy parents and their kids snack: on the go! 8 years later, we're taking our journey one step further. We’re growing, evolving, changing, like plants in a garden – and we’re excited to take you with us! Today we're announcing that official name: Wildmade. Why Wildmade? As it turns out, the food that's best for you is found in the wild! Real ingredients like USDA certified organic fruits, veggies, and grains, plus, no added sugar, GMO-free, vegan, and gluten-free! We strongly believe you should just say no to faux. Some called us crazy for wanting to turn real fruits and veggies into snacks that kids and parents alike would obsess over. The idea was a little "out there"  – it simply hadn't been done. Some even called us, well, wild. But we, like you, aren’t afraid to shake things up. Especially when it impacts the health of our little ones. All these years later, we're proud to say we've done it, and we couldn't have without your help! Moving forward with Wildmade gives us a larger platform to make all kinds of products that include fruits, veggies or even snacks beyond that. So what will become of our beloved Veggie Go’s? Don’t fret – it’s not going anywhere! Veggie Go’s will now fall under the delicious, snack-filled umbrella of Wildmade as “Veggie Go’s by Wildmade”.   So thanks for taking this exciting journey with us as we embark on our next adventure. You're one of the wild ones now.