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Make Veggies a Part of Every Morning

There is so much I love about mornings - like the quiet way the neighborhood is starting its day together, or how the soft sunlight peeks into the house. And when I have the time to pause and enjoy the morning with a sit-down breakfast, it's pretty much guaranteed I'm gonna have a good day! But not every morning is like this romanticized version in my head, there aren't always birds chirping as a sunbeam falls upon my newspaper and steam floats up from my cup of tea. Most mornings, in fact, are much more chaotic than that. I went through a phase where I couldn't even bring myself to make anything at all for breakfast, so I was always grabbing store-bought bars or going all the way until lunch before I ate anything decent. Unfortunately, even though I finally broke that habit, I still don't allow myself time for sitting down to eat these days. So for me, breakfast is all about being on-the-go. That's why I love smoothies so much! They're portable, healthy, and delicious. When I was a kid, we would only have smoothies for special summer treats - and it still feels like more of an indulgence than a boring healthy breakfast (even though that's really what it is!). For children, smoothies are also a great breakfast because the ingredient combinations are endless - meaning you as the parent can add whatever healthy things you want, and as long as you master the balance of sweet fruit to veg, your kids probably won't even know the difference. Smoothies are completely customizable to your diet - I make mine with just produce and vegan ingredients, but yogurt is also a great addition for its protein and probiotics! I really recommend adding nut butter to yours if your diet allows because a few tablespoons help keep me full all the way until lunchtime. So here are my tips for making the perfect fruit and vegetable smoothie every day:
  • Keep your ratio of fruits and vegetables no less than one to one
    • I find that the best way to balance out a smoothie is to make sure there at least as much fruit as veg! More fruit will make it sweeter and tangier, but anytime I add more veggies than fruit I regret it.
  • Frozen is better
    • Not only does freezing preserve the nutrients of produce, it's also a great way to save some produce that's about to go bad! Whenever I have a big bag of greens or carton of berries that I'm not going to get through in time, I throw it in the freezer and use it for smoothies, no rush to get through it then! I also prefer my smoothies to be as chilly as can be, so using mostly frozen ingredients helps that cause.
  • Mix it up
    • A smoothie is a wonderful go-to breakfast on a regular basis, but you and your family will get sick of them unless you try different combinations! I usually keep several different types of fruits and vegetables in the freezer, add different types of liquid like juice or nut milk, and then throw in something fun too! Like cinnamon, cocoa powder, or chia seeds.