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More Fruits and Veggies Means Better Health

According to a recent study from Imperial College in London, the more servings of fruit and vegetables that you have each day, the more the health benefits of those food amplify! That means that if you eat more than the recommended 5 servings a day, you're even more likely to avoid heart disease and stroke. If you eat 200g a day (the recommended daily minimum) compared to none, you're 13% less likely to get heart disease. But consuming 800g a day, around 10 servings of fruits and vegetables, you're 28% less likely! That means that the more fruits and vegetables that you eat, you'll see more and more positive effects. Of course, at Veggie-Go's we have long been striving to get more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet - so if you're looking for something quick to eat that will help you towards a goal of TEN SERVINGS a day, have some Veggie-Go's! Every strip or pack of bites has a full serving of combined fruits and vegetables, so even if you're looking at a busy day and no time to cook up a delicious stir fry or scramble a big spinach omelet in the morning, you can always tuck some Veggie-Go's into your bag and hand them to the kids on the way to soccer practice.