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Nut Free Lunchbox Idea

More and more schools are becoming conscious of the necessity to be nut-free in order to ensure safety for all students. Some of you may even have children with severe allergies yourself! It might seem restrictive to avoid nut butters, trail mixes, and the classic PB&J, but we've thrown together a quick lunch that's more interesting than any of those!
  • Falafel and tzatziki sauce
    • you can purchase premade falafel and it tastes great cold! Or get the family together to make a batch for dinner, and serve the leftovers the next day.
  • Popcorn
    • easy and filling - there are lots of ways to top it too!
  • Cucumbers
    • the perfect dippable with tzatziki
  • cherry tomatoes
    • the more variety or vegetables you present to your kids on a daily basis, the more likely they are to develop healthy habits
  • Orange, Cocoa Nib + Carrot Veggie-Go's Bites
    • this sweet treat feels like dessert but it's still packing a nutritious punch!