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Quick Veggie Jelly

For those of us with a lot on our plate already, this recipe makes sneaking in veggies SO EASY! I have a few beloved recipes for jam, even some that incorporate veggies, but even I rely on shortcuts sometimes! That is, after all, why Veggie-Go's came about - we wanted a super quick and easy snack that was as healthy as homemade. quick veggie jelly header So in this recipe, all you have to do is blend storebought jelly and your favorite veggies! It instantly gives your PB&J extra nutrition without much extra effort.
Ingredients: 1 jar blueberry jelly Roughly 2 cups raw spinach Directions: In your blender, combine jelly and spinach. Replace in jar and refridgerate. Note that moisture has been added from the vegetables, so the texture will be changed from the original jelly.
Spinach Jelly GIF You can really make this recipe your own by picking your own favorite jellies and veggies. Here's some other combos that would be delicious:
  • steamed carrots and apricot jelly
  • boiled beets and strawberry jelly
  • roasted butternut squash and blackberry jelly
  • canned pumpkin and apple butter