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Snack on Kiwis

Kiwi fruit on white wooden background Kiwis are one of my favorite fruits! I love the bizarre, tropical fuzz and beautiful green starburst inside. I eat them scooped straight out of the peel, sliced on top of granola, blended into my smoothies, and juiced into my super green drinks! Our Tropical Fruit + Kale Veggie-Go's Strips have a wonderful sweet tang added by kiwi, along with the other tropical fruits. I wanted to write this little piece to encourage us all to incorporate kiwis into our diets more, especially since they are in season right now! (September through November). It's not often you see a kiwi packed in a lunchbox, but I think you should! Kiwis are great sources of Vitamin C - over 100% of your RDV in every serving. They're also strong sources of magnesium and potassium. Getting these vitamins and minerals from the food we eat rather than relying on a nutritional supplement has proven to be a more effective way to absorb the nutrients, which is why it's important to eat a diverse diet.1 Ever since John and I spent a year farming in Europe, we have been much more aware of seasonal produce. Eating things when they're at their ripest not only means that you're getting the best flavor, but you're also getting the best nutritional value if you're able to buy from local and organic growers! Although our food system has become capable of providing all things at all times, which is an amazing feat and has lots of impressive merits, it's always been one of my personal hobbies to really take advantage of seasonal fruits and veggies. It makes eating kiwis a few months a year something I look forward to, and relish when I have the opportunity.  Add kiwis to your kids' lunch box instead of the typical apple slices, and you'll also be cultivating an adventurous eater, which will lead to healthier eating habits in the future!