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Spring Has Sprung: Let’s Clean House!

Spring Cleaning   Hey Wild Ones! Spring has finally sprung! The weather is warmer, flowers are blooming, our favorite produce is coming back in season. There’s nothing quite like it. These seasonal changes remind us not only to get outside and get active, but to make sure that our living space is refreshed and renewed so we can transition easily into summer. Chores, admittedly, are never fun, but in our house, we try to look at spring cleaning as a way to clear out the old and make way for the new. I find that when things are tidied up and cleaned out, my life feels a bit more balanced and tranquil. Our fam becomes one big team, tackling each project together, and we encourage our little one to lend a hand too! Unsure where to start? Take a look at this simple list of tips that we’ve compiled. Happy spring cleaning!   Work from top to bottom To begin, let’s establish a place to start. Pick a room to target, and work from the ceiling to the floors. Not only does this give you concrete spots to focus on, but it’s the most efficient way to clean! Think about it: dust from the ceiling, fans, etc. will make its way to the floor as you clean; you don’t want your hard work to be undone! Extendable mops and dusters are a must for this cleaning system.   Go green Our family puts extra care into what we put in our bodies, so we try to exercise the same care over what we use in our home. Lean, mean, green and CLEAN is the ultimate goal! Steam cleaners are amazing tools to sanitize naturally without harsh chemicals or toxins. Don’t forget the items that simply can’t be steamed – they need love too! Take a look at these all-natural cleaning recipes from Good Housekeeping for inspo.   Air matters While you focus your energy on sweeping and scrubbing, it can be easy to forget that the air we breathe can play a critical role in your family’s health and wellness. Don’t forget to regularly replace your heating and cooling filters to prevent mold and toxins from circulating within the home. Spring is the perfect time to make sure you’re checking these parts of the home. Air purifiers can also be a great investment, as well as house-plants! Take a look at Country Living’s list of the best house-plants for air purification.   Helping hands Getting the little ones to help? That’s easier said than done. We take a multi-step approach to making sure our tot stays on task, while also making it fun for her! Set expectations early: make sure your kids have a heads up, so they don’t feel surprised by unwanted chores. Teach, don’t preach – show them how you tidy up and set good habits, but avoid micro-managing them. The goal is to make the process into a fun bonding opportunity for the family. You can even try incorporating games like “I Spy” to keep chores interesting!   Make a checklist It’s no secret that having an organized list can make spring cleaning more of a breeze, but it’s also no easy task to go about making one for the entire household. Don’t worry Wild Ones – we’ve got you covered! Save these easy checklists and get cleaning! Spring cleaning - green