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Our Story

It all started with two people, an adventure and a borderline obsession with produce.

Wildmade™ founders Lisa and John have always had a thing for real food. Growing it. Eating it. Loving it. So after living and working on organic farms across Europe, their passion ripened into a whole new slant on snacking: delightful fruit, vibrant veggies and flavors so unique they’re downright surprising. Now it’s your turn to open wide and devour the wildly delicious results.

We Go There


The Perfect Match



We have good news, and we have good news. The good news is: the foods that are best for the planet also happen to be the best for our bodies. The other good news: Wildmade ups the ante on sustainability everywhere we have the chance.

Organic and Non-GMO

These certifications mean that our ingredients are untouched by chemicals, pesticides or unnatural engineering, which are not only icky, but also a huge drain on energy resources and the environment. Happy planet, happy snacking.


We use as little plastic as possible for our wrappers. Plus, our cartons are fully recyclable and made from recycled paperboard, which is fueled by local wind energy in Denver.


Partners in Passion

We love supporting people and organizations that live the same values we do. Here are a few of our closest friends.