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Orange, Cocoa Nibs + Carrots


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Orange, Cocoa Nibs + Carrots
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Orange you glad we didn’t make some kind of silly citrus pun here? Whoops. Well, at least you’ll get some good smile practice in, because it’s tough to hold back a grin when you snack into these Orange, Cocoa Nibs + Carrots Veggie-Go’s Bites. A zesty burst of orange melts with rich, chocolatey cocoa while wholesome carrots and sweet potatoes charge up the nutrition factor to “full.” Each pouch is like a masterpiece of adventurous, yet familiar flavor served up in a snack unlike any you’ve ever tasted before.


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USDA Certified Organic


Low in Sugar & Non-GMO


1 Serving of Fruit and Veggies


Vegan & Gluten-Free

* Organic Concentrated Apple Puree
* Organic Carrots
* Organic Sweet Potato Puree
* Organic Orange Juice
* Organic Cocoa Nibs


Organic Concentrated Apple Juice, Organic Concentrated Apple Puree, Organic Concentrated Carrot Puree, Organic Sweet Potato Puree, Organic Cocoa Nibs, Organic Concentrated Orange Juice, Cellulose, Citrus Pectin, Natural Flavor.


This is a great product! The moms in my group as well as the kids really loved Veggie-Gos. One of the kids was even planning which variety that she was going to have the next day when her mom would not allow her to have any more that night. It was very cute. You have a wonderful product, and we intend to buy it as often as possible. Thanks for letting us try it out.

- Lisa K.

Moms Meet

These are truly delicious and it makes me feel less guilty eating them after looking at the nutritional info. I also love the flavors with both fruits and vegetables in every serving

- Amazzzing Pisces

Moms Meet

A brand and ingredients I can trust. Tastes great. My kids enjoyed too and they can be picky eaters. Love that this is a healthier version of fruit snacks.

- Runrgrl

Moms Meet